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EMSO (Environment for Modeling, Simulation, and Optimization) is a graphical environment where the user can model complex processes simply selecting and connecting the equipment models. ALSOC Project develops and maintains state-of-the-art this software and distributes it at no cost to the universities and partner companies. The main features of EMSO follows:

  • Entirely written in C++.
  • A fairly portable code, currently available for Windows and Linux but can be compiled for other platforms if desired.
  • It is an equation-oriented simulator.
  • The unique Equation-Oriented simulator with units-of-measurement checking for the equations.
  • A large set of built-in functions.
  • Models are written in a modeling language, the user does not need to be a programmer.
  • Models are converted to system of equations in memory, no compilation or linking is needed.
  • An open library of models, called EML.
  • Built-in code for symbolic differentiation which enables the system to solve high-index problems.
  • Built-in code for automatic differentiation which makes the system very efficient.
  • Can make use of machine optimize BLAS routines.
  • Currently support:
    • Static simulation.
    • Dynamic simulation.
    • Static optimization.
    • Parameter estimation of static models.
    • Parameter estimation of dynamic models.
  • A graphical user interface which can be used to model development, simulation execution, and results visualizing.
  • A system of plug-ins where the user can embed code written in C, C++ or FORTRAN into the models.
  • A very modular system – all solvers are DLL’s and the user can even write their own new solver.

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