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Welcome to Chemical Engineer Space!

This is a blog support for a free host about tips related to Chemical Engineering. Here I will try to share a little of my knowledge in this area, mainly in the academic point of view. Let me introduce myself: I am a Brazilian Chemical Engineer and nowadays I am taking my Masters in Modeling and Simulation of processes.

Chemical Engineering is one of 4 basic forms of the modern Engineerings and, by this, one of more currently applied in all industrial sectors. However it is an Engineering form less known of the publics.

I will start this blog listing some software packages of simulation application. Process simulation is a research area more and more expanded by the developing of better computer systems, what allows to appearance of sophisticated and expensive software packages. Even so, freeware and opensource applications could be a good alternative (Yeah… There is opensource process simulators!)

Sorry for my English… My objetive is also improving it writing here.

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  • Dipankar posted: Dec 05 2008 at 12:41 pm

    Hi Rudolfo..its a great collection and I hope it will be a great help to those who really love simulation.I tried SIm42 few yrs back..but somehow couldn’t make it operable..dont know what went wrong..great work Rudolfo..you at least deserve a comment

  • Admin posted: Dec 06 2008 at 8:51 am

    Really thanks for considerations… I’m glad to know that it could be useful to anyone.
    I also tried sim42 few years ago I think it could be useful a post of kind HOW-TO install and run sim42 and other simulators. For these weeks I really busy but I intend to write some short tutorials HOW-TO model simple systems in several tools present here.

  • Enaimann posted: Sep 02 2016 at 4:57 am

    Hello, Rudolfo! firstly I want to thank for your work. As someone who’s interested in flowsheets and computer-aided Chem Eng simulation, your collection gave me a general idea in that department. There is no doubt that Chem Eng community could use more of posts like those ones, especially for someone new to the field or a beginner like me.